Nexus srl is a company founded in 1998 on the idea of Mirco Roncolato, Luca Fracasso and Mr. Rino Mastrotto. At that time Mirco was already the owner of R.B. AUTOMAZIONI Srl and with Luca who was an employee he shared the idea already discussed with Rino to open a new company. From there an empty warehouse, the first indispensable equipment, three cars, few employees and many ideas that over time became projects and later still products to be presented to customers and trade fairs.


At that time today's technology was unthinkable, but Nexus from year to year acquires skills and launches its "firsts": the first automated cutting machine, the first stacker, the first automatic water dispenser, the first wind generator .... And away with the first automatic paper mill systems, in the food industry, the first complete tanning automation, in 2008 the first machine complete with mechanics and electronics. The destination of automation is no longer a problem, but rather a challenge, Nexus operates in the tanning, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, food ... Customers with their requests push it to do more and more, a natural but reasoned evolution.


Over the years the staff of technicians grows and the first historical employees with many years of experience are joined by new recruits, selected and trained in the same nursery. This has always been considered necessary to offer customers an excellent service in step with the times and the other crucial factor is the customization of the products. Linking the world of automation with the current economic trend of the sector means intercepting future needs and putting innovative solutions and increasingly "customized" services on the market.

The company today offers a complete service of design, construction, assembly, start-up and after-sales service. The technical staff, thanks to an experience gained over years of research of cutting-edge solutions aimed at customer satisfaction, has led the company to provide a renowned and prepared technical service. System integrator SAIA-BURGESS since 2005, testifies to the technical expertise acquired and demonstrated over the years. Nexus srl therefore proposes itself as a trusted partner for the construction of plants and machines in the industrial world, and provides its know-how to find solutions aimed at every single need.


DESIGN: consultancy and design of electrical and electronic equipment in general. Realization of electrical diagrams in autocad format, component sizing, design consultancy on machines or plants. Choice of the most suitable field instrumentation for the needs.


WIRING: realization of wiring equipment according to the latest production standards using the most renowned methods of marking and identification. Compliance with the technical regulations in force, and care in the assembly and assembly of each component are the basis for providing the customer with a quality product.


SYSTEMS ON BOARD THE MACHINE: realization of systems on board the machine in full compliance with the technical regulations in force. The experience gained offers customers cutting-edge assembly techniques providing a functional and quality product.


PLC SOFTWARE: a prepared and updated TEAM of technicians offers customers a cutting-edge software development service on PLC of the leading brands Techniques and methods used, the result of years of experience, lead to provide functional, simple but at the same time highly technological products.


HMI SOFTWARE: particular attention is given to the human-machine interface (HMI human machine interface) in order to make all the systems made easy to use. The excellent experience gained over the years has led to choose HMI panels of the most famous and valuable brands. The programming within the WEB has also made it possible to propose HMI interfaces of the highest quality both from a technological and aesthetic point of view.


SUPERVISION SOFTWARE: to provide a complete and efficient service package, Nexus is equipped and prepared for the development of supervision systems to monitor and control entire plants. The realization is carried out with the use of standard development packages of the primary brands (SIEMENS, PROGEA) with the addition of customizations made in VB, C ++, C # .NET and JAVA.


TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: The predominant feature of Nexus srl is the after-sales assistance treated with care and duty. Thanks to the latest electronic technologies used, most of the systems built are equipped with remote assistance via the internet. This allows you to "assist" the systems even at a considerable distance in a few moments. In any case, maximum availability and timeliness of intervention on the site remains guaranteed.


RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Nexus proposes itself in the automation environment as an innovator, articulating its research and development activities on different sectors and providing continuous solutions to the identified and latent needs of the market. These solutions, once consolidated, are transferred to machinery and plants, thanks to high skills and transversal experience in the mechatronic field.


Some of our milestones reached